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The TCDA's Marketing Option Program is an exciting opportunity for any landowner!

By signing an Option to Purchase with the TCDA, you are not just offering your property up for potential sale, but you're also stepping into a partnership with the Taylor County Development Authority (TCDA) wherein the TCDA professionally markets your property, at no cost to you, to eager businesses that are looking to locate here. Imagine the possibilities of increasing your property's visibility and, by extension, its potential selling price!

The beauty of this arrangement lies in its flexibility. Your property gets marketed to potential buyers that are seeking a new business headquarters through the State of Florida Department of Commerce. Plus, you're free to continue marketing your property independently or through a realtor; and regardless of whether the TCDA, you, or your realtor find a buyer, you owe the TCDA nothing! This means more eyes on your property and a greater chance of finding the perfect buyer willing to meet, or even exceed, your desired price.

The TCDA Marketing Option Program is structured to protect your interests thoroughly. You have the clear legal framework needed to ensure that all transactions proceed smoothly, and you maintain control until the very end. It’s a fantastic way to leverage professional resources to maximize your property’s value without any immediate commitment to sell. This is your chance to shine in the real estate market – make the most of it and watch as your property becomes the center of investor attention!

If you want to leverage this marketing opportunity, please click the "I Want the TCDA to Market My Property!" button, fill out the information about you and your property, and sign at the bottom.  The TCDA will then add your property to the inventory it markets to potential businesses.

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